Incorrect storage can be not only dangerous, but also, you might not be compliant with relevant legislation, which puts you and your business at risk. Can your business afford an accident that could harm people, property or the environment? Hazero have a wide range of Chemshed cabinets for all your dangerous goods storage needs.

Dangerous goods storage

Whether you need a Chemshed cabinet to store flammable liquids, corrosive liquids or agrichemicals - we have you covered. The Chemshed brand is top quality and our cabinets are made to last. They also provide a higher level of security against theft and vandalism. Need more assurance that you're purchasing the right storage cabinet? Most of the Chemshed storage cabinets have a 20-year warranty! Click here for more

Storing dangerous goods outside?

Storing hazardous goods outdoors poses even more risk, especially if containers are designed for indoor use. Imagine if your containers leak, or cross contamination occurs? How would this affect your employees, the general public or the environment? Our quality outdoor storage cabinets are designed especially for outdoor use, with no risk of corrosion, or toxic fumes escaping. They are relocatable and designed to withstand even the harshest conditions.

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